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The Key
    There is an investment strategy so powerful that Nobel laureates in economic science employ it -- but so simple that you can use that same strategy with a minimum investment of only $250! That strategy is:

Buy and hold index funds.

Wait! Don't go! There are usually two responses to this, and both are wrong. One response is "I've heard all this before." The other is "That's too complicated for me -- I don't even know what an index fund is." Here's why they're wrong:

  • I have corresponded and spoken with many people whose reaction is "I've heard all this before." They haven't. Most often, they have been fed some half-baked slogans against index funds, and that's all. I have yet to meet a fully informed investor who believes that it's easy to top the results of buying and holding index funds.
  • If you think this is too complicated to figure out, read through just a few paragraphs by following the links below. I think you'll change your mind.

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Further reading:

Bogle: Common Sense





If you think you've heard it all and you haven't read this book . . . then you haven't heard it all. Bogle relentlessly makes the case for "buy and hold index funds" in this book. I recommend it, especially for those who are inclined to chase the "hot stock" or the "hot fund."
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